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“The knowledge of the bass and music that Russ Possesses could not be contained in a dozen books and or videos. It was my pleasure to have been a part of this clinic with Russ. His willingness to teach anyone who wants to know the many facets of the bass is truly a G- dsend. Teachers can’t always play live or even improvise, then there are live players that can’t always teach. Russ is the whole package.”  — David Buice on 9/15/2012

“Russ, I’m not sure if you remember me or not. I was one of your students at AIM in 1989! Bro, I just wanted to tell you that I’ve been making my living playing bass, acoustic, and singing since I left AIM 20 years ago. I’ve been all over the world and played at some amazing places and with some amazing artists. I still use EVERYTHING that you taught me. I still have all the scales, modes, charts, etc that you gave me and use them all the time. Just wanted to encourage you, man. Your hard work is not in vain .
Blessings, BB”  — Billy Buchanan

“Russell Rogers is among the world’s elite bassists, a world class bassist, instructor, and person. Atlanta is very fortunate to have him.”  — Matt Evan Johnson on Jul 8, 2011

“Russ is an amazing bassist with excellent reading skills as well as a great ear player and improviser. Russ plays a huge variety of styles and plays them great. On top of that, Russ has a wonderful disposition and demeanor. I recommend Russ as a bassist for any application.” February 21, 2008
Kevin Wyglad, Director of Music, Catholic Church of St. Ann

“Russ and I have worked together for many years, in many situations.  I consider him an asset to any gig as well as a great friend.” February 24, 2008 – Sean O’Rourke, Drummer/Producer, Worldwide Drum Track

“I have known Russ for longer than either of us care to admit. He is a talented and dedicated musician, an extraordinary bassist, and a great seat mate on long overseas flights:)” September 15, 2008
Buzz Amato, Producer, Amatones Music
worked with Russ with The Big Ass Trio

Russ, you’re AMAZING!!!! HOLY CRAP!!! There is no way anyone can listen to these songs without moving.  Hey are you guys playing this weekend at the Ritz, I want to cruise by with my wife and and listen to you guys jam.

“Best bass teacher I know, and a great player. If I want to know something about playing bass guitar, I call Russ! ”
From Tommy Vickery on Jul 11, 2011

Hi Russ,
I’ve been a bass player for too long to talk about really but recently I’ve been buying some guitar lessons from freeguitar….. in  particular I’ve really enjoyed Jodys’ stuff and I’ve been talking to him about things through facebook( that latest slow blues he posted is just sensational I think) and mentioned that I bought your slap bass mastery series and thought it was the best approach  to slap I’d come across ,so he gave me your email addy and said I should talk to you . I’ve had a lot of tutes on the subject of slap , I  started with a vcr by Louis Johnson ( I always liked the Johnson Brothers songs )and then an advanced bass grooves dvd by Tony  Smith and although I found them very useful and enjoyable I never really got lift off from them if you know what I mean . However when I bought your mastery series Slap changed from feeling like a shoe that never quite fitted right into a relaxed and  exhilarating  ride . I think your exercises and grooves just lead the hands so nicely into the style that it all becomes easy to move them over into other songs . Anyway thanks very much for those lessons and I’ve enjoyed and used them a LOT .
Best Regards
P.S. I think you’re a great player too I almost forgot to mention that 🙂

Hi Russ. My name is Kyle Ross. You may not remember me well, but believe it or not you are still impacting my life even though I haven’t seen you in about 9 years. I took lessons with you for a short while…maybe 2 months total (back in 1999 I think)………

Pacman on TalkBass.com about the box method – Russ is where I got the method from! He was my teacher when I was in Atlanta – at least until he “graduated” me. Please send him my absolute best – he’s such a great teacher!

Kristen Learnard Meazell
Hey Russ, i am forever grateful for your bass guidance!!!

Hello Russ,
I would like to thank you for the outstanding bass instruction product you have made available on line. After just a few of your free video lessons I am completely hooked and look forward to purchasing and using many more. After taking several lessons from a competent local instructor I was very frustrated and on the verge of giving up when I discovered your tutorials. You have an exceptional teaching style; and the progress I am making makes playing bass fun again…Thank you for doing what you do. I hope these on-line lessons have brought you much abundance and further recognition and success, you deserve it!
Todd in San Diego, CA

Paul WheelerSeptember 28, 2010 at 12:05pm
Subject: bass slap mastery
Hi Russ ,
Thanks to your series on the subject I can honestly say that I am FINALLY becoming very comfortable with the technique to the point where I know it’s going to be completely instinctive very soon , as long as I keep doing the exercises that is 🙂 . Thanks very much mate

Adam Maurasse – I just wanted to thank you again for all that you’ve taught me over this past year and a half. Your lessons and methods have reconditioned my playing for the better. You’re classes have given me so much that I know I’ll have a lot to practice for years. Thanks again man!

I must tell you, that your all over the neck approach to that book is… genius! For me, I’m not sure I ever would have gotten out of “the box” without it.

From: Mitch James
Subject: long lost bass master
Hey Russ. I’ll be surprised if you remember me. Been a very long time. It’s Mitch James. I attended AIM in early 90’s. Probably your worst student ever! Just wanted to say hello and let you know that I am now in a very successful band called Crossfade. Maybe you heard of us. Have a platinum record on our wall to prove it. Wanted to let you know that even though I had way too much going on in my life at the time to really dive head on into learning what I needed to learn, I still learned amazing things from you. Still pull out my sheets and learn something new all the time. Someone mentioned Dante’s tonight and I thought about the old days. Hope all is well with you and wanted to reiterate that I still get pissed when I think of what a badass you were/are!. Take care. M

From: Carol Kaye
Russ, wow…..didn’t know that you had started the
 bass program at AIM, thanks sooo much for your return email about your history. You should be congratulated on what you started. Thanks for your message

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