Live Online Bass Guitar Lessons Using Skype

    I am now offering real time, one on one, live, online bass lessons using Skype. If you have a computer with high speed internet and cannot meet with me in person or do not have quality bass guitar instruction where you live, you can now start the bass lessons that you have always wanted to take. Lessons are $55.00 (US Dollars) per hour and most students, who are on a regular schedule, take one lesson every two weeks. Please go to my contact page to email me or call me at 404-386-0983 for detailed information on how to get started. This is a great new way to study bass guitar that really works!!!

System Requirements For Skype Online Lessons


Suggestions To Improve Your Online Bass Lesson Experience:


  1. Computer with high speed internet (A hardline ethernet connection works the best),  Also use a usb hub if your computer does not have enough usb ports.
  2. A separate webcam. (The camera that comes in your computer does not have the directional flexibility to help me see a more panoramic view of you like a camera that is mounted further away from you on a stand).
  3. Skype video chat software. (Which is a free download)
  4. Pay Pal account. (This is how you will pay for the lessons)
  5. A (Alesis Mutimix 4 USB FX) 4 channel mixer, comes with usb cable – Cost $100.00.
  6. A separate headset microphone or regular mic on a mic stand with a XLR connection.
  7. A separate set of headphones to plug into the mixer.
  8. External Monitor (Optional but recommended)
  9. A 3.5mm TRS (Stereo mini) to 1/4 inch mono cable.
  10. A way to unzip compressed audio files.
  11. A app capable tablet or smart phone to run/play and store audio tracks in The Amazing Slow Downer app, the Dr. Betotte or Tempo metronome app and the iReal Pro app that we will be using for the lessons.


I Highly Recommend These Apps: (for Windows and iOS)


  1. The Amazing Slow Downer App –
  2. Dr. Betotte Metronome App(For Mac Device) –
  3. Tempo Metronome App(For Non-Mac Devices) –
  4. iReal Pro app for your tablet or phone –



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