I am proud to offer the best in bass guitar lessons in the Washington Russ18DC area and around the world. If you live outside the DC area, we can still do “real time” live online private bass lessons using Skype. The purpose of this site is to introduce you to my teaching program for bass guitar. My system is based on the view that music is simply a language and that a conceptual understanding of what music is and how to practice music on your bass is essential to the successful development and growth of your playing.

My system is broken down into 4 main sections – scales, technique, styles, and reading. All of these can be tailored to fit the student’s needs and personal interest. These sections of my program were developed from my personal experience and challenges I faced in my development as a bass player. Over the past thirty years, I have refined my teaching program into an effective and efficient learning process that really works. Please check out this link for examples of my Online Skype bass lessons. The completion of my program will leave you with a superior command over your instrument and the ability to perform in any musical situation. If you wish to know more about my teaching philosophy please click on any of the existing links on my web page. Thanks for taking the time to visit my website.

     Russ Rodgers

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